Musical Garlands: Ragamala

Sixteen miniature paintings from India give visual form to a layered history. They speak across time to a musical legacy: traditionalragas, or melodies, inspired poets to take up their pens, and in turn, verse inspired visual expression. With painstaking detail, 16th through 19th century artists rendered the moods of music and verse, and compiled their ragamala paintings into albums.

Experience A Living Tradition
Thursday, Oct 9, 4 pm
Professor of Music W. Anthony Sheppard sets the stage with an overview of Indian music then draws connections between ragas and their visual expression in paint. Musicians Veena and Devesh Chandra demonstrate these intricate relationships on sitar and tabla and conclude with a live performance of a raga.

Press Images

  • Deccan Hindol Raga ca 1750-1775 opaque watercolor on paper heightened with gold Gift of Mrs Horace W Frost_x220Deccan, Hindol Raga, ca. 1750-1775, opaque watercolor on paper, heightened with gold. Gift of Mrs. Horace W. Frost.
  • Rajput Behag Ragini ca 1680 opaque watercolor on paper Museum purchase Karl E Weston Memorial Fund_x220Rajput, Behag Ragini, ca. 1680, opaque watercolor on paper. Museum purchase, Karl E. Weston Memorial Fund.