1. El bajista, vocalista y compositor Alex Torres presenta su nueva y decima produccion musical Mojo. Creada en 1980 en Amsterdam, New York por este bajista nacido en el Bronx, su camino en los estudios
  2. World premiere of a newly commissioned work, Circadian Rhythms, composed and conducted by Susie Ibarra featuring soloists Devesh Chandra, Alan and Jake George, Matthew Gold, Roberto Juan Rodriguez, Jim Weber, Mamadabou Camera, Eddie Ade Knowles, and Jennifer Milioto Matsue
  3. Sixteen miniature paintings from India give visual form to a layered history. They speak across time to a musical legacy: traditionalragas, or melodies, inspired poets to take up their pens, and in turn, verse inspired visual expression. With painstaking detail,
  4. Skidmore College's Department of Music presents faculty member Veena Chandra, sitar, with guest artist Devesh Chandra on tabla at the Arthur Zankel Music Center, Sunday, Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. Admission is free and open to the public. Veena Chandra, born
  5. Not claiming to be any expert on Classical Indian music, I am naturally drawn to its wondrous reverberations and deeply enjoy the trance-like influence that overcomes me when surrounded by the sounds of the sitar and tabla. This past Saturday
  6. Like a dance, a dance company morphs and evolves over time—changing shape and form, and entering new phases of its life span. Saturday's performance of the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company marks such a change: Now in its 24th season,
  7. Curiosity fuels the mind and artistry of Ellen Sinopoli. The contemporary choreographer is never satisfied by her own thoughts and sensibilities; thus she reaches out to a sundry of artists and intellectuals to inspire her to go farther and explore
  8. On Saturday, October 20, 2012 the “3rd Annual Berkshire Drum & Dance Fest” rhythmically provided spiritual nutrition for all that attended this now annual showcase for regional percussionists and dancers.  The event, organized by self-employed cultural/environmental educator and musician
  9. Ellen Sinopoli Dance Jan. 31 at the Egg with new dances, Indian composer Devesh Chandra In celebration of its 24th performance season, the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company (ESDC) will perform at The Egg on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 8 pm
  10. Professor of Music W. Anthony Sheppard sets the stage with an overview of Indian music, then draws connection between ragas and their visual expression in paint. Musicians Veena and Devesh Chandra demonstrate these intricate relationships on sitar and tabla and